Come join other scholastic players at the Solomon Schechter Upper School for a summer chess experience you won’t forget. Located in central Hartsdale, our daily program features a balance of formal chess instruction and friendly competition. All participants receive both group and individual instruction. The NSCF summer camp staff features full-time chess professionals who all share an enthusiasm for working with children. Every teacher is an active tournament player as well as a provider of classroom instruction. It is this flexibility that enables our staff to reach each and every player! A daily hot lunch and afternoon snack are included in the full-day camp fee. There is a half-day option available ending or starting at noon. *Lunch is not included in the half-day camp fee. This year, camp is being offered for 4 week-long sessions only beginning July 30.

Each week a different Grandmaster or IM Guest Instructor plus…

Learning from the Masters: Chess & History

Each afternoon students will look at more advanced concepts in chess by studying games from the great masters presented with the “backstory” exploring the times in which these players lived: Week 1: Philidor – Chess in the Age of Enlightenment / Week 2: Howard Staunton – Chess Competition Turns International / Week 3: Adolf Anderssen – The Romantic Era / Week 4: Paul Morphy – The First American Genius. The blended learning approach (chess/literacy/social studies) provides context, and helps make connections between chess and other subjects. Material from the book "Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History" is supplemented with modern games to reinforce the chess concepts.

Summer Chess Program Features:

  • Instruction for K-12 players
  • Group Instruction 
  • Individual Game Analysis
  • Opening Preparation
  • Endgame Technique
  • Structured Play
  • Supervised Outdoor Recreation
  • Air Conditioned Classrooms

This year students will also receive a copy of our new textbook "Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History" and a one-year online chess subscription so they can continue their chess studies throughout the coming year.

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Recommended books for beginning players.

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