Click on the event name below for results in all sections. For crosstables of the rated sections, with ratings changes, see the NSCF history on the USCF website. Or, where listed below, click on Ratings Report.

NOTE: The USCF ratings reports list players with similar scores in order of (post-tournament) ratings. This will often differ from the actual order of finish (based on tiebreaks) listed in the NSCF tournament reports.


Hunter #195 (May 5, 2013) Individual          Ratings Report

Trinity Scholastic (May 4, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Ridgeway Scholastic (April 27, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Greenwich Academy Scholastic (April 21, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Brunswick Scholastic (April 13, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Westchester County Scholastic Championships (March 16, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Hunter #194 (Mar 10, 2013) Individual          Ratings Report

Columbus Winter Scholastic (March 9, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Cottle Scholastic (March 2, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

GCDS Winter Scholastic (February 24, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Hunter #193 (Feb 10, 2013) Individual          Ratings Report

Bronxville Scholastic (February 10, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Daniel Webster Scholastic (February 2, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Greenwich City Scholastic Championships (January 27, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Wards Winter Scholastic (January 19, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Hunter #192 (Jan 13, 2013) Individual          Ratings Report

PEARLS Scholastic (January 12, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Church Street Scholastic (January 5, 2013) Individual Team Ratings Report

Ridgeway Fall Scholastic (December 15, 2012) Individual Team Ratings Report

Ward Fall Scholastic (December 8, 2012) Individual Team Ratings Report

Columbus Fall Scholastic (December 1, 2012) Individual Team Ratings Report

Hunter #191 (Nov 18, 2012) Individual          Ratings Report

GCDS Fall Scholastic (November 18, 2012) Individual Team Ratings Report

Hunter #190 (Oct 21, 2012) Individual          Ratings Report

Hunter #189 (Sep 23, 2012) Individual          Ratings Report

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